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Strategy Officers

“Data is the Language of Business”

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Are you: Generating Forecasts?

Critical for projecting sales and operations that will ultimately allocate resources well ahead of product line needs.
Are you confident with the accuracy of current forecasts and satisfied with simple regression models to describe your market trends? As the number of variables & terms increase so too should the sophistication of your models.

What is your total time and energy spent on a single forecast?


Hours of Data Wrangling




Stakeholder Buy-In


Approval Chains

Are you: Tracking Performance?

Essential to keep a product line on track with its targets and ensuring each business unit is upholding its responsibility.
Are the lines of business easy to work with and eager to support your requests for information so you can resolve trouble before it’s too big to handle? Keep data from other departments close at hand so resolution is swift and justified.

Product Metrics

Sales Funnel Data

Product Roadmap

Customer Account Data

Data by Market Segment

Conversion Rates


How many information sources are important to you?


From Sales


From Support


From Operations


From Finance


From Marketing

All the Data

Are you: Gathering All The Data?

Confidence in your work begins with comprehensive data sets so you can see how your products fit in the big picture.
Have you exhausted your internet searches and industry reports and still remained uncertain about the market opportunity or competitors activities? Access the fresh and relevant data by triangulated market and competitor intelligence.

Single Source of Truth


Interactive Consoles

Dynamic Visualization

Do You Have a Holistic View?

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