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cropped-Precision-Analytics-Logo-Tangerine-Icon.pngPRECISION ANALYTICS

Your “Strategic Partner” for Success

Do you seek help to power  thru transformational  projects?

  • Business Intelligence System Implementation & Project Management
  • Creating Executive Dashboards, KPI’s,
  • Market Research and Customer Segmentation
  • Evaluation of  Sales Force Effectiveness and Compensation Plans
  • Financial Systems Implementation & Project Management
  • Interim CFO , Interim Director of Finance Services
  • Building  Fully Integrated Operational & Financial Models, with Cash Flow and EBITDA Forecasts.
  • Transactional Due Diligence Support
  • Post Merger Financial Integration

Are You Looking for Options to Stay Ahead of Accelerating Business Demands?

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Can your Finance staff  keep up with increasing  analytics

and  business demands ?


Are you in need of  short-term resources to manage special projects, such as system implementation  or post-M&A integration work ?


Do you need Dynamic Financial Models for what-if scenario analysis 

to make informed business decisions ?

Solution: Precision Analytics

We provide hands-on financial management, business process and strategy development services by applying best practices to set you up for success with a holistic view of the business.


What sets us apart from our competitors is our experience in building scalable Finance and Analytics functions and empowering effective decision making thru :

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Financial Intelligence

We build Financial processes and models where we can translate all business information, market dynamics and forecasts to do what-if scenario analysis and recommendations around business expansion, reorganization, mergers and acquisition and new business opportunities.

Business Intelligence

BI is the living proof that maps all business processes and assets. We capture true picture of the business model by joining data from multiple enterprise application systems.

Market Intelligence

We identify market opportunities by market analysis and segmentation. We pull data from credible data sources and answer your questions about opportunities, customer pains, rates of technology & brand penetration, market share, and market development.

“Companies That Harvest Business Data Grow 30% Faster”

IDC – International Data Corporation


Contact Precision Analytics to Transform Your  Business

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Data Expertise

In-depth business expertise is required to build effective solutions with System Implementations.


Data Tools

Selecting the Finance or Analytics tool that's the best fit for the enterprise is critical to the success


Data Unity

Data scattered must be recaptured to incentivize knowledge-sharing and new data transparency.


Data Integrity

Full value comes from data when you can integrate data points to eliminate gaps and errors.


Data Security

Sensitive data must be protected with governance policies to avoid compliance vulnerabilities.