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Your “Strategic Edge” for Success

in the Age of Cloud and Big Data

Problem: How Can I Turn My Data into Strategic Advantage?

Connect the dots to make strategic and tactical decisions that achieve repeatable success

Out Maneuver Fast-Changing Markets

Market Data

Do you keep up with fast changing markets and market opportunities?

Keep Pace with Customer Requirements

Business Data

Do you know up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across channels?

Rival Over Aggressive Competitors

Competitor Data

Do you have the optimized product portfolio to gain market share?

“We reveal the strategic data, connect it with business processes and  empower a higher degree of intelligence to maximize revenue and profits.”

Solution: Enterprise Intelligence

– Data Analytics and Triangulation of Business, Market, and Competitive Intelligence –

3 Venn Diagram
Business Intelligence

Our aggregation, integration, and analytics of business data is able to process information from disparate sources into a single map of interconnected business processes for a holistic and transparent view of the business.

Market Intelligence

Our master data cloud chooses from over 20,000 APIs and hundreds of industry specific data lakes to freshly answer your questions about market opportunities, customer pain points, the rate of technology & brand penetration, market share, and market development.

Competitive Intelligence

Our real-time data streams offer constant monitoring and early warning alerts about competitor movement and scenarios around their strategic positioning, product cadence, alliances, hiring spikes/freezes so you can gain an unfair advantage.

– Resolve pain points of managing and analyzing data –

Data Silos

Data lost or scattered across databases & legacy systems don't incentivize mind-sharing between departments.

Data Integrity

Garbage in, garbage out. There is no full value from data you simply can't trust because it is full of gaps and errors.

Meta Data

Volumes of structured and unstructured data offer more insights only after it has been fully filtered and organized.

Data Tools

Applications can’t fix a broken process and “self-service” BI tools work only as long as you have a trained user.

Talent Gaps

The lack of technical talent and data scientists makes building analytics solutions a pain for HR as much as IT.

Cyber Security

Sensitive data creates a liability if hackers or compliance auditors find the vulnerability in your data governance.

Master the Power of Data

– Gain A Strategic Leap Over Your Markets And Competition –

For: Strategic Planners

Take Charge

For: Chief Executives

Take Charge