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Your “Strategic Edge” for Success

in the Age of Cloud and Big Data

“Companies That Harvest Business Data Grow 30% Faster”

IDC – International Data Corporation


Problem: How Can We Stay Ahead of Fast Moving Markets?

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How agile is your business to keep up with fast-changing markets and opportunities?


How are you keeping pace with customer requirements and sales channels?


How are you outmaneuvering rivals and competitive forces to gain market share?

“What if you could connect your  data sources to reveal actionable INSIGHTS  for strategic and tactical decisions?”

Solution: Enterprise Intelligence

Combine business, market, and competitive intelligence by unifying data silos to provide a holistic view of the business and a single version of the truth

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Business Intelligence

BI is more than financial reports, it is the living proof that maps all business processes and assets. By joining data from multiple enterprise application systems the true picture of the business model emerges.

Market Intelligence

Omniscience of your market opportunities requires more than analysis, it mandates real-time monitoring and filtering. Enterprise Intelligence as a concept includes pulling from online data sources and feeding the ongoing monitors to freshly answer your questions about opportunities, customer pains, rates of technology & brand penetration, market share, and market development.

Competitive Intelligence

Early warning alerts about competitor movement and scenarios around their strategic positioning, product cadence, alliances, and hiring spikes/freezes offers you the unfair advantage to make quantum leaps over rivals and agility around other competitive forces.

Talent Gaps

The lack of technical talent and data scientists makes building analytics solutions a pain for HR as much as IT.


Data Tools

Applications can’t fix a broken process and “self-service” tools work only as good as the trained user.


Data Silos

Data scattered must be recaptured to incentivize knowledge-sharing and new data transparency.


Data Integrity

Garbage in, garbage out. No full value comes from data you can't trust because of large gaps and errors.


Data Security

Sensitive data creates liability if the hackers or compliance auditors find governance vulnerabilities.