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Higher Level Of Intelligence

Sophistication is taking complex concepts and reducing them into succinct forms

Higher Level Of Intelligence

E=mc^2  –> Energy is the result of Mass times the Speed of Light squared

I always admired Einstein not because he was a genius scientist but because of the way that he was able to simplify complex concepts and he could make science easy to understand for ordinary people. Simplifying complexity is the mindset of higher level intelligence.


Over the years, I looked to find similar higher level of intelligence in business. There are millions of books and very different perspectives about secrets of success in business. After working for start ups, mature companies, failed companies and great companies for many years, I have come to realize that there is a simple process that exists and defines what makes companies great vs  failure. It is how quickly and effectively companies can turn the wheel of Plan, Execute and Analyze around their customers.


Plan, Execute and Analyze and turn the wheel faster than your competition.

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