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Market Superiority with analytics to integrate big data of market and business intelligence of Precision Analytics

Ask any CFO if they believe, "Data is the language of business."   Today's companies deploy multiple applications to boost the "language" of business from a dull hum to a resonating roar. Each business unit generates data in a variety of formats from underneath layers of management and ends up creating data silos. While not a significant issue at the department level,...

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In today’s technology and data driven world, more and more companies are making decisions based on the analysis of mountains of data. The reason is simple – They can see real top-line revenue and  bottom-line profits coming out of Data Analytics and Data Analytics is transforming businesses in a truly revolutionizing way.   It is nothing new for the CFOs to take...

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E=mc^2  --> Energy is the result of Mass times the Speed of Light squared I always admired Einstein not because he was a genius scientist but because of the way that he was able to simplify complex concepts and he could make science easy to understand for ordinary people. Simplifying complexity is the mindset of higher level intelligence.   Over the years, I...

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