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Our Skills & Expertise

Greetings, I’m Juneyt Kayali, CEO of Precision Analytics and a business analytics expert with an emphasis in business operations and finance. We hold a proven track record within high-profile technology and start-up companies because of our passion to help clients power through transformational projects so they can scale their business and develop capabilities to have an  advantage over competitors.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Financial Model Building

Revenue and Expense Planning

Financial Systems Implementation

Financial Project Management

Sales & Operations Planning

Pricing Strategy and Planning

Product Roadmap Planning

Data Analysis and Data Mining

Marketing Campaign Analytics

Domains of Focus & Success

Our recent implementations have been with fast growing companies in volatile markets where competition is rife and data technologies offer a massive reward on automating workforce and, more importantly, empowering strategic planners with executable judgement across their portfolio of products and services.

Software, Hi-Tech 0
Systems, Hardware, Manufacturing 0
Private Equity, M&A 0

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