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Our Skills & Expertise

Greetings, I’m Juneyt Kayali, CEO of Precision Analytics and a Leader in business analytics with an emphasis in business operations and finance. I hold a proven track record within high-profile technology companies because of my passion to help clients power through big data transformation projects so they can develop capabilities to have an unfair advantage over competitors.

Product Portfolio Positioning

Pricing Strategy and Planning

ERP, Financial Tools Implementation

Pricing Optimization

Sales & Operations Planning

Predictive Analytics

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Revenue Forecasting

Marketing Campaign Analytics

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Domains of Focus & Success

Our recent implementations have been with fast growing companies in volatile markets where competition is rife and data technologies offer a massive reward on automating workforce and, more importantly, empowering strategic planners with executable judgement across their portfolio of products and services.

Software, Hi-Tech 0
Systems, Hardware, Manufacturing 0
Private Equity, M&A 0

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